Mortgage Services

Applying and managing a mortgage is a real learning process. No two clients are the same, no two mortgages are the same and no two dreams are the same. Each has its own characteristics and challenges. The goal is to overcome the challenges to make your dreams happen. Lisa is not in this alone – she is backed by lenders, banks and a professional expertise network that ensures she will work with her network to offer solutions.

First Time Home Buyers in Burlington, ON

Purchasing a home as a first-time homebuyer in Stoney Creek, ON can be an exciting milestone! You’ve worked hard to save for a down payment and you’re ready to start looking at what the market has to offer – but there is a lot of unfamiliar and important information to take in. It can be overwhelming to figure it all out while making new financial decisions. Trusting in a mortgage broker to help guide you through this process while working to find you the best rates and terms is invaluable. Feel empowered when financing your first purchase and focus on the next steps of your unfolding journey. Leave the rest to us (me).

Next Home Purchase in Burlington, ON

Buying your next home can be complicated, selling even more so. With all the moving parts and communication required between the parties involved, you might have been left wondering if there is a better way.
That’s where we come in, we’ll handle it all, end to end. We complete a closing cost worksheet, handle all the different relationships, manage all paperwork and facilitate bridge financing if required.

Mortgage Renewals in Burlington, ON

Coming to the end of your mortgage term is an important financial landmark. This is a great time to reassess your short- and long-term financial goals. A mortgage renewal in Stoney Creek, ON could provide you with funds for the near future or you may be deciding to shorten your amortization to pay down your principle faster. But renewing your mortgage is more than just adding on a few extra years to your term – and there is a lot to consider depending on the reasoning and your unique situation. Wherever you are in life, now is a great time to have a knowledgeable partner near you to help you get the best solution.

Mortgage Refinance in Burlington, ON

A mortgage refinance is when you break your existing mortgage and start a new one, either with the same or a new lender. It can make a lot of sense to refinance, especially with the low rates available for Canadians now. Accessing the equity that you have paid into your home can be used towards consolidating debt, renovations, or as a loan. However, there are costs and considerations to take into account when exploring a mortgage refinance in Stoney Creek, ON. Let us lay it all out for you so we can weigh the benefits and plan for financial success.

Mortgage Debt Consolidation in Burlington, ON

Debt accumulation can be gut-wrenching and leave you feeling out of options when working with traditional lenders. On top of the debt, the monthly interest may be so high that you can’t get ahead of paying back the principle. With a bruised credit score, you have nothing to lose by exploring your options through us (me). We (I) have seen credit scores of all levels and unique debt situations throughout our (my)experience – you are not alone. There are advantages in using mortgage debt consolidation in Stoney Creek, ON to manage financial strain. One major benefit can be lowering your monthly interest rate by paying off multiple accounts with your home equity, a loan, or other options. Many Canadians can simplify their finances by consolidating their debts into one monthly payment. Progress to better credit by making the right move for you and your finances.  Let us (me) partner with you to create a plan for success and start looking forward to better credit.

Home Renovation Loans in Burlington, ON

More so in recent times, you may be finding yourself needing to update the functionality of your home or property to adapt to new circumstances. You may now be working from home and need to invest in a home office or you could be looking to update your home to get it ready to sell. There are many reasons to renovate, and just as many home renovation loans in Stoney Creek, ON that are available. Navigate how a loan, a line of credit, or remortgaging with us (me) can work in your favor when it comes to financing your renovation.

Self Employed Mortgages in Burlington, ON

It hasn’t always paid to be self-employed when it comes to qualifying for the self employed mortgage in Stoney Creek, ON you deserve. Small business owners have unique circumstances that can hold them back from qualifying at major financial institutions. I understand business owners because I am a business owner, too.
But there are lenders that will qualify you for a mortgage. It may take a few extra steps, but we can get you on the path to home ownership.

Low Credit Mortgages in Burlington, ON

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. A bad credit rating can be hard to get ahead of, humiliating, and just plain defeating. We (I) understand credit ratings of every level and we (I) understand the strategies to help recover, and even heal, tarnished credit. You may be surprised to know that you can still obtain financing, even with poor or no credit.
As a mortgage professional, I have access to non-traditional lenders who offer low credit mortgages in Stoney Creek, ON to individuals who have credit challenges that don’t meet the qualifications that major banks require. Together, we can evaluate your position and determine the best strategy for you to move into better credit.

Investment Property Loans in Burlington, ON

Canadians are finding that the prospect of owning an investment property is more achievable than ever. Although the real estate market naturally fluctuates from year to year, new and seasoned homeowners know that mortgage investment has been an attractive and stable venture for decades. However, there are different conditions when it comes to financing an investment property. If you are weighing the possibilities of investing in real estate, start here by exploring the newest options and great rates that are available now.

Second Mortgages and Private Mortgages in Burlington, ON

Are the lending guidelines of banks and credit unions limiting you from moving forward with your goals? We (I) will work along side you and your vision to build a competitive private or 2nd non-conventional mortgage solution.

Seasonal Property Loans in Burlington, ON

Wouldn’t be amazing to jump in your car and drive to your summer home or winter wonderland? Well that dream can come true. A second home can be a financial investment and qualifying for a mortgage may not be out of reach.
A seasonal property or second home has its own set of rules. Best for us to discuss your situation and work together to make this dream come true for you!

Secured Line of Credit Mortgages in Burlington, ON

(Home Equity Line of Credit – HELOC) What loan options do you have as a homeowner? What are the interest rates that are available to you and how much can you borrow? Which secured line of credit works best for your needs and current situation?
Depending on the equity that you have paid into your mortgage, you may be eligible to access a revolving line of credit that you can borrow, pay back, and borrow again, up to a maximum credit limit. Secured lines of credit can be more flexible than other lines of credit. Open up the conversation and explore your options.

Life Changes

Life happens. Families grow, families separate, parents age, and then there’s illness and job loss. There are so many life situations that come up that affect our financial status. At any time that life becomes unbalanced, we can review your financial needs and determine if a mortgage, line of credit or other financial arrangement can put life at ease for you.