3 Small Ways to Help Relieve Stress

Life can sometimes become overwhelming and in today’s world it seems life is hectic and stressful.  There is the rising cost of living, keeping your social circle active as well as running a home and all while working.  Not to mention stress we get from listening to the news.  Sometimes all we need is a little break to help with our well-being.

Here are 3 Small Ways to Help Relieve Stress

Carve out quiet time for yourself

My favourite way to relax is to read an enjoyable book.

Find a new author you would not normally read and dig in. I start by going to a local bookstore, opening a random book to halfway and read a whole page. You are either hooked and buy that book to read or try another book. Other ways to get books are the public library or if you have a neighbourhood reading box, try one of those. Kobo or Kindle are also good places for inexpensive books you can download to read. These last two allow you to take many different books on vacation for longer reading times without the weight of all the books.

You may just find your new favourite author.

Some of my suggestions for an enjoyable read:

Sidney Sheldon:  Doomsday Conspiracy

Gary Chapman:  The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers

Lawrence Hill (Local to Burlington): The Book of Negros (a guest on Oprah)

Christina Baker Kline: Orphan Train

Go on a “gratitude walk”

“With so much pain and injustice in the world, it is challenging to see how we can influence our world for the better while taking care of our well-being, but the two are directly linked. Imagine yourself as a glass, and think of a funnel above you, pouring all of what is available in the universe into that glass. That funnel contains all the power, peace, resources, and clarity. However, that direct pour is only available in each present moment. When we are scattered in our thoughts thinking of past, present, future, and all aspects of life, it is like that funnel pouring out onto a flat surface. One way that has been effective in helping me stay present is by moving my body with a gratitude walk. What we focus on expands, so when we move our body and offer gratitude for every beautiful thing we see and notice, we speak more of those things into existence. This practice is possibly the most powerful way to stay present and powerful!”

—Rachel Pointer, women’s coach, Overland Park, KS

Limit the amount of stress you are willing to deal with

Limit the amount of news you listen to, read, or need to handle in one day.

Shocking news travels fast and is on the news, TV, and radio with updates constantly, but do not let that consume you.

The same needs to go for personal stress. Take time each day to reflect on what it is you need to do and make a note of what is stressing you out, how you are going to handle it and what you are going to do for yourself to help alleviate this stress in your life.

Sometimes even a friend with a good ear is helpful too.

Do not stress over your mortgage.

Okay, so really, we have 4 ways to help you deal with stress.

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