It’s not easy to save money – that is the honest truth. And it certainly isn’t easy to save in big amounts. But it doesn’t mean we can’t make an effort to save small amounts in our daily routines.  Here are 3 ways to put some dollars back into your pocket … or into a savings account.

Be Deal-Savvy

But not an impulse deal buyer!  We are often lured by ads that indicate 60% off or best price ever.  Make sure you shop around! With online shopping being easy, stay focused on what you NEED and don’t be tempted by other deals.

Think about programs like Rakuten to earn dollars back from purchases. Try apps like Checkout51 for online coupon savings. And try FLIPP for sales flyers and finding the best sale prices on items you need! There are many others, take advantage of them if they are already part of your shopping sites.

Take a Sledgehammer to Your Food Bill

With a bit of thought and some good old-fashioned discipline, you can slash the cost of your weekly food shop. It takes careful meal planning and an eye for the supermarket bargains and you will be amazed at how cheaply – and healthily – you can eat.

Check out the reduced produce for veggies that you’ll be cooking. Cook and bake from scratch rather than purchase packaged items. It may feel you are spending more but the purchase goes a long way. Use up items as much as you can; ie. older bread makes great croutons or stuffing; softened apples are perfect for applesauce; berries can be cooked and used for ice cream topping; veggies past their crisp stage are great for egg bakes and soups.

Plan a weekly menu around the best sales. Think of balancing out pricey meals and inexpensive meals to keep a healthy focus but save a little money.

Shop with a list. It’s easy to get lured down the aisles and enticed by all the selections and colourful packaging. Stick to your list and your needs.

Sell Your Old Stuff

Be honest – how much stuff do you have that you no longer use, need or want? Spend a weekend listing your unwanted bits on Kijiji or Facebook Buy & Sell groups. It is a bit tougher now with COVID but people are still buying and looking for bargains. Porch pick ups are fantastic!  Small sales can add up and clean up your space.

You won’t get rich but a few extra dollars can be saved or used for a treat night for the family.