Staying Happy

I’m generally a very happy person. I like to make my clients happy; I like to keep my children happy; along with all my family and friends. Everyone has tough days so it’s not easy to stay happy – it requires work. Would you agree?

I’d like to say it comes easy … and for the most part it does … yet, there are days when I need to really focus and work at it. You know those days when things don’t go right, or we have tough decisions to make, or life just gives an extra challenge. We all have them.

Here’s what I do to stay happy:

  • Gratitude – I am so thankful for all I have and all who in my life.
  • Smile – On every phone call or reply to emails, I smile as I think about how I’m helping.
  • Kindness – Just sharing a little kindness each day brings a happy feeling.
  • Peace – I enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet daily which helps keep me calm.

What do you do daily to stay happy?  I’d love to hear.

Here’s an article that may resonate with you: 3 Habits of Especially Happy People.

“Being happy never goes out of style.” -Lily Pulitzer