Take My 1% Challenge

I get it – it’s hard to save money. The same applies to some of our routines and changes that we want to make. If it’s too daunting, then we just ignore it or avoid it.

So when I read a newsletter about a 1% change, I thought – that’s it! I don’t need to make 100% of the change or save 100% of the funds all at once. But if I start with 1%, then I can handle this.

So here’s my challenge to you:

  1. Save 1% extra in your chequing account this month.
  2. Save 1% extra in your savings account this month.
  3. Reduce your grocery bill by 1% each time.
  4. Reduce your fun spending by 1% each week.
  5. Give yourself permission for some self-care 1% longer than usual.

What do you think? Can you handle the challenge?

You might be saying, you’ve got to be kidding me. This is silly.  But the thought process is that in saving 1%, you often save a little more than that. And if each time you do that, you set that extra money aside, that 1% grows into a little “nest egg” that can be used for something bigger.

A mindset change starts to happen where you start becoming more aware of your spending and savings.

And the 1% more self-care, well that’s just a little reward for yourself!