Credit Score: Fact or Fiction

My credit score is low so I will never qualify for a mortgage? – Fact or Fiction?

You just may qualify for a mortgage even if your credit score is low. Rates and terms are typically more restricted with a lower credit score, but with some good budgeting, you can make it work. is an excellent resource to learn more about your credit score.

THIS ARTICLE about how your credit score affects your mortgage will display any myths you may have.  

What about these statements – Fact or Fiction?

  • Each time you ask for your credit score, it lowers your score?
  • Cancelling credit cards keeps your credit score healthy?
  • Being a co-signer does not affect your credit?
  • Those with a higher salary have higher credit scores?

Find out if you really know your credit myths (or truths) HERE.

One of the key areas to be aware of regularly is your credit score. Make sure you know what Fact and what is Fiction. Be aware of what is affecting it and knowing what is most important. Also, in today’s world of identity theft, it’s good practice to check your credit score at least annually.