Holding Again

Bank of Canada announced today that it will hold its rate once again. You can read the full report HERE.

Key Highlights:

  • With COVID-19 cases falling in many countries and vaccine coverage rising, global economic activity is picking up. Growth remains uneven across regions, however.
  • Renewed lockdowns associated with the third wave are dampening economic activity in the second quarter, largely as anticipated. The employment rate remains well below its pre-pandemic level, with low wage workers, youth and women continuing to bear the brunt of job losses.
  • With vaccinations proceeding at a faster pace, and provincial containment restrictions on an easing path over the summer, the Canadian economy is expected to rebound strongly, led by consumer spending.
  • While CPI inflation will likely remain near 3 percent through the summer, it is expected to ease later in the year, as base-year effects diminish and excess capacity continues to exert downward pressure.
  • Housing market activity is expected to moderate but remain elevated.

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